How I Became Your Mother (t-minus 1)

On Thursday, the 23rd of May, I received an email from a work contact asking “Did you have that baby yet?!” I laughed it off and replied “Of course not! I’m not due until July 16th.” And then I went back to drafting my maternity leave plan, which included hiring a summer intern to help out in my absence. The plan was, make the offer to our final choice on May 24th, let him start the day after Memorial Day, and train him for the month of June until I went out on leave “sometime in July.” I was feeling sooooo ahead of the game!

20130901-100437.jpg I left the office early to go to my 32-week prenatal visit, which was really standard. Cried a little at how much I weighed, reminded myself it was only temporary, and waited (and waited, and waited) for the doctor to come in and ask me the same few questions we went over every visit. I bombarded her with my opinions about that shared on-call system, and found out that she was not a fan of it either and knew several other patients that were uncomfortable with it too. We discussed the possibility of setting an appointment for me to talk to the hospital administrators in charge of this program to let them know about my concerns as a patient – because, obviously, I am not shy about expressing opinions! We were hoping to squeeze that in before the baby arrived, hahaha.

The doctor also confirmed what Kym had told me about PJ being transverse, and said not to worry about it because PJ had plenty of time to move where he was supposed to be, but if not they could try manually moving him (ouch!) and if all else failed he’d arrive by C-section (uh oh). Funny thing is, as I am writing this I’m watching PJ on the monitor, sleeping transverse in his crib – no matter where I put him down, he spins around to lay sideways!

20130901-101243.jpg I went home, and Paul and I went out to dinner at the new Italian restaurant in the neighborhood (Mannino’s – it’s fantastic!) and then headed home and went to sleep.

I didn’t stay that way for long – around 1:30 am, I woke up and realized I was soaking wet. My first thought was, “Oh my God, did I wet the bed?! How embarrassing!” Turns out, I didn’t. PJ was on his way, and the fun was just getting started.

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