PJ’s Diary: First Theme Park Ride


Hello everybodeee! It’s me, lovable little PJ. I had a fun adventure day yesterday!


Mommy & I go on walks all the time, I love to snooze in my stroller.


Sometimes my cousin Hope comes too – look out for that dragon!!


Yesterday, we walked all over Phoenixville – we stopped in a yummy chocolate store for a treat for daddy…


And a really girly store with lots of pretty clothes and jewelry, ewwwww…


And a coffee shop with these cool origami money things…I want to eat them when I get big enough to reach, but Mommy says no!


And then a really cool store with lots of shiny stuff. I had to rest my eyes again, it’s tough getting pushed all over town!


When we got home, Daddy took us for a long ride in his special car – it doesn’t use ANY gas at all! We even got a special parking spot right up front where we could plug it in again, how cool is that?


Mommy put me in my carrier – I love it when I can snuggle her and still see things! We went on a ride to find out how Hershey Chocolates are made – yummy!


Ahhhhhhh!!! Singing cows! Singing cows! Daddy, did you see those?! Oh my gosh I love them so much!


We had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, I got to sit with Daddy, and tell him about the cows, and dance to the music!


And even though I was sooooo tired that I yelled and yelled on the way home, I had a fun day with my family…Mommy, can we get a singing cow pleeeease?



My Aunt Becky gave me a cow! And it MOOS! And Mommy says I can keep it! Mind. BLOWN.


3 thoughts on “PJ’s Diary: First Theme Park Ride

    • Thank you! We were so surprised at how much he loved it, it’ll be great to try out the others as he gets bigger! 🙂 I hope your little guy has another good day today, PJ & I included him in our prayers last night!

      • Thank you SO much! God heard because he is still doing well! Can’t wait to have some little adventures with him too!

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