On The Day You Were Born

Dear PJ,

You know how I read you “On the Night You Were Born” and tell you how special you are? Well, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get to see the polar bears dancing for you (Mommy was a little busy), but here’s what I did see on the day you were born. Your daddy and your PopPop were with you the whole time, and can I just tell you how much Daddy ROCKED his first day? He took really good care of you so that Mommy could rest a little, wasn’t that great?

Our first visitors were your Nana’s parents, my grandparents. They were already great, but YOU made it official 😉 When Grandma Ann walked in, she had a GIANT teddy bear balloon with her – it was the biggest balloon I have ever seen, about ten of you could have fit in it and I just loved it! She’s the grandma who used to sing our special “You Are My Sunshine” song to me when I was little. And you know how much you love singing and mooing cows? Your Grandpa Pete had a whole farm full of the mooing kind when Nana and Mommy were little girls. Then Grandma LeeAnn came to see us, and Mommy said “thank you for giving me the fast labor gene!” And we didn’t know it yet, but your Grandma LeeAnn was so lucky, she got TWO great-grandsons that weekend – your cousin Jaxson was born the very next day, how cool is that? We all missed your Grandpa Skip, but we know he was watching you from Heaven (who do you think blew all those trumpets on the night you were born?) They were so happy that you joined our family!

I didn’t get to meet you “officially” for a few more hours, while I recovered and they got you all set up in the NICU. I’m glad I didn’t know then that I wouldn’t be able to hold you for another week (as I type with one hand because I hold you as much as possible now!), because all I wanted to do was snuggle you and kiss your little face – like I just did right now! Your weeks in the NICU were very tough for Mommy, but I wouldn’t trade a single minute, because it’s part of you, and I love you so much, just the way you are. 



2 thoughts on “On The Day You Were Born

  1. Oh Lord I cried at this. My girls were in for 12 weeks. It took months and months of reading “On the Night You Were Born” before me or my husband could read it to our twins without choking up. Congratulations on that precious, precious baby.

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