It’s Waahnesday Already?

I had a happy, peppy post planned for today, but it would be a total lie to post it, so we’re winging it instead.

I am tired. Up every half hour all night tired. Ready for bed but need to keep myself and a tired, crying baby awake for another hour so he sleeps through the night tired. Financial stress from being off work for months tired.
And just to rub that point in, I read not one, not two, but three articles this week justifying the gender wage gap because women choose for it to be that way by, shockingly, continuing to give birth. Even worse, two of them were written by women. Did you know that the 74 cents to a man’s dollar that we earn drops to closer to 50 within ten years of earning an MBA? Or that it’s our fault for choosing “weak” specialties like marketing? My specialty, as a matter of fact. And then there are the countless “your generation sucks” articles that gleefully point out how unprepared we Gen Y’s were to graduate college just in time for bubbles to start popping like a ten-year-old with a new stick of gum. I am analyzed to death and found wanting tired.

I am it got cold while my baby only fits in his warm weather clothes and can’t shop until the weekend tired. I am feeling grateful but guilty that my mom did the shopping for me while I worked at my weak specialty tired. I am couldn’t start dinner until 8 pm so we just went out tired. I am laundry still in the dryer but that’s too bad tired.

And so I tickle my baby and we smile at each other, and I remind myself that tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it.

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