And I forgot it all…

I started and deleted four different posts tonight. Everything from the shallow waters of The Voice premiere (Team Blake!) to deep thoughts about some of the ugliness we see around us daily.

And then my sweet, powdery, slightly sweaty, milky, drooling, smiling, babbling baby snuggled into my shoulder and started snoring.

And I forgot it all.


6 thoughts on “And I forgot it all…

  1. There’s nothing better than baby snuggles. Something about the softness of their little heads, the perfect soft shell of their ears, the feel of the little dimpled hands. To me, those are the precious things that God gives us to sustain us in the tougher times. Bless his baby heart, and yours too. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I’m kind of obsessed with those dimpled little hands lol. And right before I wrote this Paul was asking me “What ARE you doing to that baby?” He thought I was crazy when I said “I’m sniffing his head!” Lol πŸ™‚

      • Sniff away! I still sniff mine when they smell of shampoo. They love it when I tell them about when they were babies. Especially the stories how they were playing sweetly when one barfed reflux split up all over me and the other baby to where we had to all take a bath. Good Lord, the messes.

  2. A child’s laughter is something that warms my heart. I love to hear Rebecca! (1 Yr) belly laugh when Ferris rolls around to scratch his back. I also love the genuine bear hugs she gives after a nap. It’s pure and full of love.

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