Counting Blessings

Yesterday, I left for work wondering if I would make it home. The gas needle was hovering in dangerous territory, I had extra stops to make before and after I got to work, and not having my full paycheck since May has really caught up to us. So, I was running through plans A to Z of what could happen in the next twelve hours.

And then what my Grandma calls “God things” started happening. I’m not one to wear my religious beliefs on my sleeve, but I like to think that God and I are on good terms, and some days like yesterday it’s hard not to think that Someone is looking out for us.

First, I checked my calendar and realized it was “safety meeting” day at work where we all get Wawa cards if no one fell off a ladder or, say, dropped a blower motor on their foot. So there comes $5 in gas money, which is probably enough to get me home. And then, a very kind coworker who knew we’re struggling right now slipped me her card, which took “probably” to “definitely.”

I would have been content with that, but God is good and sent Paul to a customer’s house who has a baby boy and packed his work van FULL of things her boy has outgrown. A giant tub of winter clothes, all these cute shoes:


And a jumper – something I’ve known PJ is ready for but we just couldn’t swing right yet. I can’t wait to put it together and let him play!


I admit, I got a little teary eyed by the end of the day. You hear a lot of bad news these days of people being awful to each other, but I’m glad that sometimes it goes the other way too!

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