Guest Blogger: Kalli, age 10

Mommy isn’t the only one writing about how PJ spends his days! Take a look at the essay my friend Janice found in her daughter Kalli’s backpack after they watched him for a day – guaranteed to melt you into a puddle of cuteness!



It says, “One day my mom is babby sitting her friends baby boy PJ. He is the cutest baby in the world! When my mom had to took a shower, I had to watch him, he is so light. When my mom was done I had to get ready for school. When I got ready I had to go to the bus stop for school my mom took him to the bus stop with me. When my bus came he fell asleep.

At school I was so happy that I can’t wait for the end of the day. At the end of the day my class played silent ball this is how you play. Everyone is silent. You can sit on your desk or stand. You throw the ball and try not to get out. When I got on the bus I helped the bus driver count the kids there was 40 kids. When I got home I saw PJ sleeping. Now that’s cute.

I whent to my dad’s work that’s my mom’s friend work too. She was happy that she saw her baby. We went out to a buffet and my lil sister came me, my mom, PJ, and my mom’s friend. I took my sis to get a chocolate marshmallow they are good. That’s the story how I felt like a grown up.


Is this kid awesome or what?

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