PJ’s Diary: Nom Nom Nom

This weekend, Mommy & Daddy gived me cereal to eat – with a SPOON!


At first I was all “Whhhaaaaaat?”


Then I thought “Yuuuummm!”


Do you know how good cereal is? It’s so good I just had to lick it off my bib between bites!


But then Mommy putted me in my high chair and I said “No way Mommy! This thing is a car seat in disguise!” (I did stop yelling to take my bites though – did I mention I love cereal?)


And then I thought about it some more and figured anywhere I sits to gets fed is ok by me!


Nom nom nom, is it dinnertime again soon?


2 thoughts on “PJ’s Diary: Nom Nom Nom

  1. Dana told me about your blog, so I’ve been reading it & enjoying it!!! PJ is adorable!!! Congratulations to you!!

    I just got off the phone with your Mom. We had a long chat & got caught up on each other!!!

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