This is my Friday night…


I’ve been sitting here for the last fifteen minutes, just watching PJ try to suck his thumb. So far he has:

– Smacked himself in the forehead
– Stuck a finger up his nose
– Poked himself in the eye
– Accidentally laced his fingers together and needed help to get them apart
– Got his right thumb stuck in his left sleeve
– Chewed on his wrist twice
– Given me the finger (probably for laughing at him)

Not glamorous at all, but I can’t think of a single thing I’d rather be doing.

PJ’s Diary: Visiting the Doctor

I went to the doctor today for my four month checkup! Mommy and me read stories in the waiting room:


The nurse measured me and weighed me – I am 23″ and 13 lbs 8 oz! That’s not even on the preemie chart anymore, and I’m in the 25th percentile for my weight and 5th for my height. Mommy says that makes me just like Pooh Bear!

Even though I smiled and flirted with the nurses, they still gave me shots – I felt so betrayed!


We were going to visit Mommy’s office, but I was sooo sad that we decided to go home and snuggle instead.


So me and my Charlie Brown bandaid will just sit here and be pitiful for awhile…and no more flirting with pretty girls for me if this is what I get for it!


It’s Waahnesday Already?

I had a happy, peppy post planned for today, but it would be a total lie to post it, so we’re winging it instead.

I am tired. Up every half hour all night tired. Ready for bed but need to keep myself and a tired, crying baby awake for another hour so he sleeps through the night tired. Financial stress from being off work for months tired.
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Work It, Mama

While I was home this summer, I heard two questions over and over again. I’ve already answered the first one here, about how I ended up going out for maternity leave so early. Paul got asked that one too, but not surprisingly he didn’t get asked this one: “Are you going back to work?” I get why people ask this, but I was pretty surprised by how many people seemed to assume that I would say no. Continue reading

An Early Thanksgiving

I already mentioned how grateful we are to the staff in the NICU who helped us get through our days there. I can’t stress enough how great they were, and would definitely tell anyone with a high-risk pregnancy to go to Lehigh Valley and know you will be taken great care of!

Of course, our family and friends were right there with us the whole time too. I would have lost my mind without all of your support, and I am so grateful to have you all – thank you! The other group of people I am so grateful for are the “been there’s” who helped us navigate this scary new world of medical terms, endless commuting, and all the emotional trauma of having a baby in the hospital for long periods of time. Paul’s cousin Angelique not only gave us good advice, but helped explain what was happening to Paul’s parents as PJ progressed. A friend from high school, Andrea, who I’d stayed friends with on Facebook, reached out and shared her story with me of having a baby in the NICU the year before and gave me lots of good advice for getting through it. Another friend and former work colleague, Adrianna, put me in touch with Ashley who also went through this last year and was so sweet, even though we’ve never met! One of my hopes for this little blog is to reach other NICU families who may not have the kind of support that we did, and for it to help them feel a little less alone. We know how hard it is to go home without your baby, to have strangers (even wonderfully kind ones) telling you when you can and can’t interact with your baby, and to celebrate those little moments that most people don’t even know exist because for most people, it happens inside your belly instead of in front of your eyes.

It’s a club no one asks to join, but once you’re in, you’re in for life.