Veggies With A Steaming Side Of Guilt

I’ve been looking forward to today – my first shot at making baby food! I spent a lot of time reading about techniques and what fruits and veggies to start with – although holy crap people, enough with the “You MUST do it like this or your baby will DIE!” dramatics! I’m preeeeeetttty sure that our species managed to survive without the aid of a Baby Bullet or even, gasp, an app that tells you the perfect developmental time to introduce sweet potatoes so your kid can make it to the head of his class at Harvard.

Anyway, in my head, today would go something like this: Paul and I would take PJ to the farmers’ market and take his picture with some pumpkins, and then come home with our delicious, locally grown veggies, which I would puree and freeze into perfectly portioned cubes of delicious mush while PJ happily bounced and played with his toys.

Yeah, not working out like that. On Thursday, I woke up with a nasty stomach bug. And the only thing less restful than staying home with an illness that has you running for the bathroom frequently, is having that same illness with an infant, who of course needs just as much love and attention as if Mommy is feeling terrific. So not fun. And just when I’m feeling better, and looking forward to baby food day, PJ wakes up with the bug this morning.

So no pumpkin pictures, and our first batch of baby food veggies came from the produce aisle at Walmart instead of the farmers’ market, and I feel terribly guilty. Guilty for getting my baby sick, guilty that I have to put him down to manage the steamer, and guilty that I don’t eat enough of these veggies myself. I eat a lot of fruit, but am very picky about veggies. I guess now is the time to get better about that, but I still feel bad that I haven’t already.

So I guess I’ll be spending most of today cuddling little man and wishing I could make it better!


Mommy, me and Bear feels yucky in our bellies 😦

3 thoughts on “Veggies With A Steaming Side Of Guilt

  1. Mommy guilt is a plague that will haunt you for many different reasons as PJ grows. Battle it with everything you can! I made a lot of Rowan’s purees with frozen organic veggies (peas, green beans, etc) I thought “okay not locally grown straight from a farmer’s market, but they’re organic so I guess I’m doing okay!” 🙂 Even if you can’t do organic, it’s really not a huge deal. Remember that breastmilk/formula is still his primary source of nutrients until he’s about 1 year old. Just have fun with food. Don’t force yourself (or PJ) to do anything you’re not comfortable with right now, it will come in time and eventually you’ll be feeding him grilled cheese straight off the table of some God-forsaken restaurant because that’s all he will eat and you forgot your table cover at home. Everyone will survive and PJ will love you no matter what. 🙂 ❤

  2. I’ve heard/read that frozen are sometimes even “fresher” than the stuff in the produce aisle because it’s flash cooked and frozen as soon as it’s picked, versus sitting for however-long before you buy in the produce aisle. Just what I hear, I’m no food expert lol and YES! play date! I’ll text you after my vaca 🙂

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