Skills I Didn’t Know I Needed

In the last four and a half months, I’ve learned a lot, and realized the infinite list of things I will need to learn over the course of, well, forever. Just a sampling of what’s cropped up so far:

– The ability to sort, switch, fold, and put away laundry with only one hand.

– How to lift a squirming baby with the slippery factor of a greased pig on black ice from a bathtub without dropping his adorable hooded towel into the water (still working on that one).

– Managing to eat when baby sees all food not headed directly into his own mouth as a mortal enemy that must be screamed into submission.

– Getting used to the fact that the traditional boy pasttime of being endlessly amused by his own farts starts REALLY early.

– Becoming accustomed to complete and almost complete strangers striking up conversations about my boobs. (OK, this is not exactly new-new, but it IS a big switch that now it’s ladies in grocery stores instead of drunk guys in bars.)

– Considering waking up at 7 am a major sleep in.

– How to fall even more completely in love with a tiny human, even if he poops, pees, and pukes on you all in the same day, just because he sticks his tongue out and gives you the biggest toothless grin ever.

What can I say? I’m a lucky girl!


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