I Get By With A Little Help

I appreciate my friends every day, but sometimes they really knock it out of the park. Like yesterday, when my friends at work surprised me with the baby shower they had planned for the summer before PJ decided to be a spring baby!

It couldn’t have come on a better day as I was up to my ears in vendors who decided I needed some misery in my life. One double-billed me for a shipment that they lost a week ago and won’t replace until it’s been MIA for more than 10 business days – even though they admit they lost it on day 2. And another that apparently employs at least a dozen people who do nothing but come up with more hoops to try to make me jump through for the exalted privilege of paying them buckets of money every month.

So, a surprise baby shower in the middle of all of this was a really great change of pace!

And then today, I got to spend time catching up with my good friend Danielle, who happens to also be my next door neighbor. I’ve been missing our gym dates so it was great to get to chat over tea today – and she helped me do PJ’s first photos with my good camera! I can’t wait to do the editing on them 🙂

Here’s your sneak preview of our session:


That’s Peter Pan in the front there, PJ was chatting away to him!

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