Juggling With Glass Bottles

Do you ever feel like you’ve got something safely in hand, only to realize that something else of equal importance is hurtling towards the ground? What else can you do but toss the first one back in the air and start juggling? That’s pretty much my life pattern, except now I can only use one hand because the other is busy holding onto the baby!

I am not the best housekeeper even under normal circumstances. I’ve come up with a pretty decent system for getting meals on the table more often, but when it comes to doing the same for cleaning and chores, well, that bottle hits the ground a lot. My husband is much tidier than I am, which is great, and I totally appreciate how much he pitches in. But I still feel like I need to get better at keeping up with the keeping up.

Anybody have a good system you want to share?

One thought on “Juggling With Glass Bottles

  1. I am not great at the cleaning thing either with more fun projects to work on (owl hats for the kiddo, etc.) and working a retail schedule throws a set cleaning routine right out the window. On days that I close, I do a couple of my chores because, heck, I have to go to work anyway, I might as well start work on the house. For you, maybe it’s a quick sweep or vacuum or wipe down of a room in the evening (something that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes). For me, cleaning that one little thing makes me feel accomplished and feel like my house is a little more presentable. I don’t worry about the spaces we (or company) aren’t in on a regular basis. I save the upstairs (except the bathroom) for an all out cleaning fest once a month or two, ok maybe 4-6 months. Hope that helps!

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