Baby Babble

Is it weird that I look forward to conversations with my four month old? It’s seriously one of the highlights of my day, his very favorite way to play together is to sit where he can see me and tell me stories.

Right after he wakes up, he tells me about his dreams. Sometimes he’s giggly about them, and sometimes he’s downright indignant. My favorite are the sad stories because he tells them so pitifully, like this:


And that makes me laugh, which makes him laugh!

When he isn’t talking to me, he talks to his toys. His favorite is his Michael doll from his Peter Pan collection – they totally have this baby with a bear bonding thing going on! So for his first “real” photo shoot, I just gave him toys to play with and talk to and snapped away! Here are some of my favorites!


Love the drool here 🙂


Is anybody watching me? I think I’m gonna bite Tink, nobody will mind, right?


Did I say that? Nooo, I’m a good baby!

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