PJ’s Diary: First Halloween (Part 1)

You will not believe the day I had yesterday. Seriously, it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It all started last weekend…


There I was, just minding my own business, cuddling my cow in the grocery store. Oh, Mommy, my diapers are showing! How embarrassing. Anyway, we got home and Mommy put this big fluffy thing on me:


I didn’t mind it at all, it was actually pretty tasty. Then she took it off again and we went to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jenna’s house. I love them so much!


The grownups did something weird to those pumpkins. I think I kinda like it though. And yesterday, things got really weird.

Mommy took me to Ms. Janice’s house – and she put me in my fluffy suit again!


Mr. Freddy makes me laugh and laugh! Then we got in the car, and I think the whole world went crazy or something, because my girlfriends were wearing this:



And all their friends were wearing funny things too! Then we went to visit my mommy at work.


She looked different too but I just laughed and snuggled her anyway. She said we were the not-so-Wicked Witch and the not-so-Cowardly Lion (whatever that means). I showed off for all Mommy’s friends, and I was even a little sad when I had to take my fluffy suit off!


I think we went back to Ms. Janice’s house then, but I really don’t remember anything after my car seat went click!

Mommy says I get to wear my fluffy lion suit again today, we’re going to do something called “trick or treating” when Daddy comes home from work. Oh boy! I hope my treats are carrots, yum!

3 thoughts on “PJ’s Diary: First Halloween (Part 1)

      • We didn’t do anything for it! A tragedy occurred in our town, a former student of mine was killed tragically after being hit by two cars..so I was pretty much in mourning ..it’s been pretty sad around here

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