PJ’s Diary: First Halloween (Part Two)

Yesterday, I got to wear my fluffy lion suit again! Mommy said we were going Trick or Treating – oh boy!


That’s my PopPop – he wanted to know if I was a Nittany Lion!


My Nana snuggled me too, just like she does when Mommy goes to work!


PopPop, that’s my lion hat! You so silly!


Then we went to Uncle Kyle’s house and I roared just a tiny bit for him. Do you like my tail? It’s pretty cool. My Aunt Jenna was working, so I was a little sad to miss her.


And after Uncle Kyle’s house, we went to see Grandmom and Grandpop and Uncle Michael!


Rrraaawwwr Grandpop! Uh, Mommy? My fluffy lion suit is getting a little warm.


Muuuuch better. Happy Halloween, my friends!

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