Ready to Move

Every morning when I go into PJ’s room, he is in a different spot from where I put him to bed. He’s been spinning in circled since he was about a month old, and now he can push himself around with his knees.

Yesterday, he rolled over, spun around, grabbed his favorite toy and was having quite the conversation with the Peter Pan picture on his wall.


Today, I got this series of pictures from his babysitter Ms Janice:




He is so proud of himself! He’s laying on the floor next to me now, trying so hard to come get me – doing the rocking thing and pushing off with his hands, but ending up going backwards.

Something tells me that won’t last long!

5 thoughts on “Ready to Move

  1. How old is he? Kairi is 3 months on the 13th and I can’t wait until she can really hold her head up and be a little more independent. So adorable 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 He’s five and a half months now. He’s been holding his head up and pushing up on his arms even before he came home from the NICU, but only just getting the idea that there are things he can do On Purpose lol. It’s hysterical!

      • How come he was in the NICU? I love that stage when they start to realize that they can do things on purpose and they get really excited when they accomplish what they are trying to do 🙂

      • Sorry I somehow missed this! He was in the NICU because he was a preemie (32 weeks) and needed support for breathing and feeding. He was in there for 22 days before we could take him home, but you can see how well he’s doing now!

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