Babies: Puppies in Disguise?

Over the past few months, my friend Danielle and I have been doing some incredibly unscientific research about the similarities between babies and puppies. We’re still racking them up, but here are our stupendously non-academic findings for your consideration.

First, if you are attempting to raise either a baby or a puppy, you should be prepared to wipe up buckets of drool. And poop. The drool stops sooner with babies, and the poop (mostly) stops sooner with a properly housetrained puppy. However, be warned that sneezes in your face will be wet, slobbery, and frequent for longer than you care to imagine. Honestly, there will not be a shortage of disgusting substances from either one for as long as you have them. And you will be left with many tiny teeth marks as souvenirs of their passage through your home.

Second, the training of both babies and puppies will involve a lot of bribery. Guiding them to proper behavior with love is a fabulous theory, but keep treats in your pockets just in case your little bundle doesn’t stick with the program. Shiny and/or noisy objects work wonders, and so does food. Did you know that they make Kong-type things for babies too? A little peanut butter in the puppy Kong or a frozen cube of applesauce in the baby version, and you’ve got yourself a little peace and quiet, Mama.


Third, they both speak alien languages but are really good at letting you know what they want. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and find yourself translating unintelligible noises to friends like this: “Oh that? He wants to go outside and play with his teddy bear under the tree by fence.” And the kisses – oh, the kisses! Wet, slobbery, entirely disgusting if anyone else tried it, but completely adorable when given by baby or puppy. Last but not least, never underestimate the therapeutic benefits of a good belly rub. Your baby or your puppy will be putty in your hands (and might just take a good, long nap!)

No wonder babies and puppies make great best friends! If we missed any glaring similarities that you can think of, let me know in the comments!

Weekly Photo Challenge: JOY

Weekly Photo Challenge: JOY

My grandmother and my 7-month-old son talking to each other at Christmas brunch. This picture is joy for so many people – the baby, who loves his Great-Grandma (she always wears such tasty jewelry), Grandma who has been waiting and waiting for a great-grandchild for many years, and for me and my mom to see her so happy. Joy to the World indeed!

Christmas in Neverland

What a fabulous first Christmas we had here in Neverland! In fact, we’ve been having so much fun playing with all of PJ’s haul from Santa Claus that I haven’t had any time to write about it. I was planning to have him write you a diary entry about all his fun new things, but unfortunately my little peanut is sick right now and not feeling up to it 😦 He’s been coughing so much that he lost his voice, so we’ve been spending a lot of time just snuggling and mewing like a kitten (him, not me).

We started Christmas the Sunday before with a delicious brunch party at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. PJ loves any opportunity to be adored by his great-grandparents! Image

On Monday morning, PJ came to work with me for my company’s annual Christmas breakfast. He had a great time, and got to meet lots of Mommy’s friends. And he was very excited to see a good friend of his – Santa Claus dropped by for some pancakes! Image

On Tuesday, we went to my parents’ house for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner – lasagna! This was PJ’s first experience with presents, and he loved them. Of course he wanted to play with and eat all the wrapping paper, and he appointed himself the official taste tester of Christmas. He licked every single gift he got near, whether it was his or not.Image

He was a very good baby during Christmas Eve services too. He snuggled with his Nana, and as soon as he heard the childrens’ choir start singing “Away In A Manger,” he laid his little head right down on my shoulder and went right to sleep. (That song will be in our lullaby rotation all year long haha). He woke up just in time to see the dance routine a couple of the girls performed and was trying to dance along – I honestly don’t know where he gets that from, because his father and I have four left feet between us, but I’m thinking there will be dance lessons in PJ’s future. He was very excited when everyone sang Silent Night, since it’s another song he knows, and made me think fast a couple of times to keep him away from the candlelight part of the candlelight service.Image

You’ll have to excuse the lack of Christmas jammies on Christmas morning – we had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Who puts snaps on the BACK of a onesie, honestly? But even in his regular jammies, he had fun opening up his presents. Of course, he was more interested in the boxes and paper for the most part, but there was one big exception. Santa somehow heard that his very favorite toy at his babysitter’s house is a bead roller coaster, and brought him one of his very own! As soon as the paper opened up, he got so excited and tried to jump out of my lap to go play with it. Image

And here’s a little secret for Santa’s elves to tuck away until next year – IKEA. Their kids’ section is awesome if you are like me and not a fan of the ubiquitous pink and blue plastic junk that’s out there. Santa cleaned them out of soft toys, a road rug for PJ’s new play room, the famous bead roller coaster, a cool farm set, and has his eye on a neat wooden kitchen set with cloth food for next year! Here’s my favorite of the soft toys, because where else would you find a stuffed Big Bad Wolf that can actually eat Granny? Seriously. You push her in through his mouth and then pull his shirt open to rescue her from his belly.





Oh hi there, future therapist…ummm…crap. I swear he was laughing two seconds later!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas as well, and PJ will come tell you more about his favorite toys when he’s feeling better!



(Un) Silent Night

Things that have happened since 2:30 am in Neverland:

– PJ has been fed.
– PJ has paged me to roll him over. Twice.
– I have done the math about how much sleep I would be able to get and still get ready for work.
– I have discovered that doing math at 3 am wakes me up too much to get back to sleep at all.
– I have come downstairs to find Roxie the cat crying in front of the pantry.
– Velma the cat has been released from the pantry (sorry kitty).
– I have made both juice and coffee.
– I have eyed up (and rejected, don’t worry) the bottle of Bailey’s for my coffee.
– I have watched Roxie & Velma take turns scaring each other with wrapping paper.
– I have loaded up the car with all the paraphernalia of getting a baby to the sitter’s for the day.
– I have fantasized about having a napping nook installed under my desk like George Costanza.

And now it’s time to wake the baby back up, and even though it would be sweet revenge for anyone else, I just hate to disturb him when he finally looks so comfy and peaceful!

PJ’S Diary: My First Sleepover

The other day, my mommy and daddy went out – without me, can you believe that?! So I went to have a sleepover at my Nana’s house, yay! My PopPop read me stories:


My Uncle Caleb is home from college, and he played with me too!

We’re the stripe twins! I even tried to steal his soda, but he caught me 😦

I wasn’t even scared at bedtime because my friend Michael was there to keep me company.

In the morning, my mommy came to get me and I was so happy to see her, I gave her lots of big, wet, slobbery kisses (well, after she fed me anyway). Then she took me home, and I was really happy to see my daddy too! And my bouncer!

Bounce bounce bounce…what was I saying? Oh yeah…

It’s good to be home again.

PJ’s Diary: Snow Day!

Something very weird is happening. Chicken Little was RIGHT, the SKY is FALLING at my house! No really! Look! It fell right on my favorite tree!

My mommy changed her work day, I was so happy to see her this morning.
But then she taked me out and I was all “Are you crazy?! The SKY is FALLING!”

And then that silly mommy of mine put me right down in the white stuff. I wiggled around a little, it was very fluffy under my hiney and made me laugh.

I’m not very good at sitting up yet, but I’m really good at flopping!

Oh my gosh, Mommy, did you know that when the sky falls on your face it tickles?!

I had so much fun wiggling around in the snow that I made a snow angel all by myself, Mommy didn’t even help me at all!

I wanted to play and play but Mommy said I was starting to look like Rudolph and had to go inside. Boooo! Waaaaah!

Ooh look, my crocodile…

I wonder if he likes snow too?

A Baby Just Like You

I am so excited for PJ’s first Christmas!  Today was an exciting one, for a couple of reasons. First off, there was an official announcement that friends of ours who have been on an incredible journey are finally, joyfully, parents again – their adoption of an adorable baby boy passed it’s first big milestone and I spent a weepy morning looking through pictures of the tiny little miracle! He’s the latest in a recent baby boom among our group of high school friends, and there will be much rejoicing around the trees this year.

PJ slept through most of the decorating, but when he did wake up he enjoyed one of my family traditions – playing the John Denver & The Muppets Christmas album. He bounced and yelped along to The 12 Days of Christmas and laughed at the cats, who broke their own record and started climbing the tree before it was even fully assembled.

Today was also his first snow!

He was much more excited about the outfit than the actual snow.

After the snow, my jolly little elf really wanted a hot chocolate – maybe next year buddy!

I’ve still got decorating to do, but the main area is done, and I can’t wait to get PJ into all his other adorable Christmas clothes. And in the meantime, this little classic is for him and all the other new babies!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tiny Little Tantrums

My six month old is already a champion tantrum thrower. He started early, this is him at three months:


Flailing arms, beating feet, etc. We see these little fits of pique when dinner doesn’t arrive fast enough, when he has to get in the car seat, and when he’s in time out.

Yup, you read that right. He’s developed a little biting problem, which Mommy especially does not appreciate at mealtime. So, when he bites he gets put down. And then he gets MAD! Kicking, screaming, throwing himself all over. I give him a second, then I’ll pick him up, calm him down, have him give me a kiss, and then (if he refrains from biting my nose), I let him eat again.

This makes feeding times last a long, long time. He’s lucky he’s so cute when he’s behaving!


And yes, I’m trying hard not to think of the teenage years!