Tiny Little Tantrums

My six month old is already a champion tantrum thrower. He started early, this is him at three months:


Flailing arms, beating feet, etc. We see these little fits of pique when dinner doesn’t arrive fast enough, when he has to get in the car seat, and when he’s in time out.

Yup, you read that right. He’s developed a little biting problem, which Mommy especially does not appreciate at mealtime. So, when he bites he gets put down. And then he gets MAD! Kicking, screaming, throwing himself all over. I give him a second, then I’ll pick him up, calm him down, have him give me a kiss, and then (if he refrains from biting my nose), I let him eat again.

This makes feeding times last a long, long time. He’s lucky he’s so cute when he’s behaving!


And yes, I’m trying hard not to think of the teenage years!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Little Tantrums

  1. I am not looking forward to those times when I biting starts… Kairi already clamps down and she doesn’t have any teeth… I shudder at thought of her getting teeth. As for temper tantrums my 2 oldest girls have become masters, especially Keira.. She is currently throwing a very large temper tantrum in her crib because it is bedtime. It is so bad that even if I try to go in there and calm her down she screams even louder and won’t let me touch her. All she needs is time when she gets like this. Sadly she missed her nap today and it’s going to take more time then usual 😦 Hopefully our kids grow out of this stage.

    • Oh no! One is enough on tantrum days for me. Hopefully he’ll outgrow it soon, and he is definitely starting to get the idea that biting and having to stop eating are connected!

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