PJ’s Diary: Snow Day!

Something very weird is happening. Chicken Little was RIGHT, the SKY is FALLING at my house! No really! Look! It fell right on my favorite tree!

My mommy changed her work day, I was so happy to see her this morning.
But then she taked me out and I was all “Are you crazy?! The SKY is FALLING!”

And then that silly mommy of mine put me right down in the white stuff. I wiggled around a little, it was very fluffy under my hiney and made me laugh.

I’m not very good at sitting up yet, but I’m really good at flopping!

Oh my gosh, Mommy, did you know that when the sky falls on your face it tickles?!

I had so much fun wiggling around in the snow that I made a snow angel all by myself, Mommy didn’t even help me at all!

I wanted to play and play but Mommy said I was starting to look like Rudolph and had to go inside. Boooo! Waaaaah!

Ooh look, my crocodile…

I wonder if he likes snow too?

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