(Un) Silent Night

Things that have happened since 2:30 am in Neverland:

– PJ has been fed.
– PJ has paged me to roll him over. Twice.
– I have done the math about how much sleep I would be able to get and still get ready for work.
– I have discovered that doing math at 3 am wakes me up too much to get back to sleep at all.
– I have come downstairs to find Roxie the cat crying in front of the pantry.
– Velma the cat has been released from the pantry (sorry kitty).
– I have made both juice and coffee.
– I have eyed up (and rejected, don’t worry) the bottle of Bailey’s for my coffee.
– I have watched Roxie & Velma take turns scaring each other with wrapping paper.
– I have loaded up the car with all the paraphernalia of getting a baby to the sitter’s for the day.
– I have fantasized about having a napping nook installed under my desk like George Costanza.

And now it’s time to wake the baby back up, and even though it would be sweet revenge for anyone else, I just hate to disturb him when he finally looks so comfy and peaceful!

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