PJ’s Diary: New Year’s resolutions…for Mom

Being sick is no fun. Ever since Friday I been coughing and coughing. My doctor says I have an infection in my lungs from all my slimy teething snot – yuuuucky! I’m supposed to gets lots of rest and fluids, so me and Mommy had lots of time to talk.

While I been resting, Mommy telled me about New Year’s resolutions, and trying to do better in the new year. Well, Santa brought me and Mommy both new laptops, so I’m going to tell her a few things I think better change around here!


#1 – No more green beans! They’re yucky and they make me poop funny colors. Next!

#2 – While we are talking about food, I think you should feed me more often. More snacks! More snacks! More snacks!

#3 – Install more milk dispensers. When I chomp Mommy anywhere, anytime, I expect milk. Only two working dispensers on all of Mommy? How rude!

#4 – Let’s talk about bedtime. Last night, you tried to put me to bed when there was a party going on. No fair!

#5 – More paper. Crinkly, soggy, colorful, lovely paper. Please stock up!

#6 – Table manners. There really should be more kissing allowed. Especially when I am covered in gunk or you are trying to chew.

#7 – No more shots! They give me the owies. But the cuddles afterwards are nice, we can keep those.

#8 – More playing! I don’t care if the dishes are messy, honest!

#9 – More toys that sing to me – I just love to dance.

#10 – Teach me lots and lots this year, I want to know all about crawling and walking, and talking, and siiiiiinnnnngggging!

I love you, Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “PJ’s Diary: New Year’s resolutions…for Mom

  1. Love, LOVE! #3 had me laughing so hard I was in tears! 🙂 What a precious little one you have there…. So glad to have found your blog and look forward to tagging along for the ride! 😉

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