9 Months Already?!

My baby boy is 9 months old today! So even if he hadn’t been all impatient about his early arrival, he’d probably still be at the point where he’s spent more time out in the world than growing in my belly. What a strange feeling!

He is crawling like crazy now, which is why I’ve been far too tired to write lately, and into everything. Every. Thing. I think we’re doing pretty good, so far only one instance of: “Uhhh, where’s PJ?” “Isn’t he in there with you?” “No, I thought he was in there with you! … Crap, here he is in the office taste testing the cats’ food.”

Other than his questionable taste in protein, it’s fun to watch him figure out new things, like his babysitter’s workbench.


Even starting his own construction company! “Seriously? A picture now? I’m on the phone, can I catch you in five?”


And how much fun finger foods are…


Even when the food is actually Mommy’s…


We’re going to call that stolen cupcake practice for his first birthday. 

Happy 9 months little man!

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