PJ’s Diary: Happy Halloween!

Oh boy, oh boy, what a fun day! When I woke up yesterday, there was something funny about my Mommy’s head…


But I’m used to the weird things she does, so I just rolled with it. And then, I saw this bag with my favorite buddy Olaf in it! You guys, I got to WEAR IT!!!!


We went to visit my cousin Hope at her school, she was SO surprised to see me!


She was a really cool Mad Hatter and all her friends were dressed up too! They kept calling ME Olaf, can you believe it?! But the coolest thing of all was this awesome cone just like Lightning McQueen has!!!!


Then I realized there were MORE of them and I went running – my Aunt Susie caughted me before I could get them though….booooo!


After the parade, Mommy & me went to visit my Nana & PopPop! I ran right over and gave my Nana a big, warm, Olaf hug! We can’t show you video here, but it’s on my Facebook page if you wanna watch it. Nana and PopPop gived me a new tractor for my trick or treat bag, how cool is that?!



After that, we went to visit my Uncle Kyle & Aunt Jenna – they gave me a book that TALKS to me! And it sounds just like them! How did they do that?

Then we picked up my Daddy – yay! I missed him while he was at work! He and Mommy taked me to Mr. Ed & Miss Verna’s house. And they said “Trick or Treat!” and this HUGE bowl of candy just appeared out of nowhere!


Miss Verna said “Take a bunch, PJ!” so I did. I took it and put it all in my Olaf hat. It was so heavy I made Daddy hold it. He’s good at that!


I was so exhausted after grabbing all that candy. Luckily, my Grandmom and Grandpop’s house was right up the street, so I went there for a snuggle and some crackers.


I tried to get Mommy to let me sleep in my Olaf suit. I even passed out in the car so she wouldn’t want to wake me up!


It didn’t work though…I woke up this morning in my real clothes. How does she DO that?! Mommies are tricky, tricky people! I hope you had fun on Halloween too!

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