7 Apps That Make My Life Easier

I confess, I’m something of a scatterbrain. I’m primarily an ideas person, and when it comes down to execution, I trip myself up on details all the time. Since I had PJ, I’ve been trying hard (really, really hard) to get myself trained to be better about managing my time and my environment because I don’t want him to grow up in chaos. I’m still a work in progress, (she says while sitting next to Mt. Laundry), but these are the apps that have helped me the most so far in this ongoing project that is my life!

1 – Awesome Note

This app is my brain dump for all tasks big and small that are once and done. I love the folders format, it lets me keep related tasks, notes, and calendar items together, and I create a rolling to-do list by moving items to folders I created for each day of the week. This works much better for me than setting and resetting alerts and due dates, because I can move multiple items at a time.



2 – Home Routines

I have yet to find an app that works equally well for recurring and once and done tasks, so my compromise is to use one for each type. This is my go to for recurring tasks – I have all of my cleaning, daily, and weekly items here, organized into lists by which items I usually do together. Those stars fill up as I complete items, and I can customize when the stars reset and when specific lists appear. My favorite thing about it is that my to do list doesn’t get cluttered up with overdue notices or multiple copies of recurring tasks if I need to make adjustments to my routine – one less thing to manage!


3 – Peapod

I may have mentioned before how much I love, love, LOVE this service! I started using it during last winter’s icy blasts, because I didn’t want to take PJ out in the frigid cold, and also because he was a very vocal not-fan of grocery shopping. I’ve kept using it since then because it saves me at least half a day every week. I add items to my list as I use them up, or as I plan meals, and then on Friday mornings while PJ and I have our snuggle with his sippy cup and Curious George, I review and refine the list, and place my order right from my phone. Then on Saturday morning a nice, polite driver brings my groceries straight to my kitchen table and I get them all put away before anyone else even wakes up. Easy peasy! One of my favorite features? There’s a tab that lists everything I’ve ever bought that is currently on sale.



4 – iTunes Podcasts/Stitcher

I have developed a slight obsession with podcasts…I listen to a few every day, and I always come away with some good ideas! Parenting, psychology, social marketing, general self improvement, it’s all here and I can’t get enough!


5 – Facebook Messenger

This one got a bad rep. Yes, FB was too heavy handed when they rolled it out and required everyone to use it, and that’s a shame because it is a pretty versatile piece of tech. All those permissions it requires are because of everything you can do with it – voice memos, photos, file attachments, the ability to call someone who isn’t in your phone’s contacts, it’s got a lot of functionality! I could not be effective at either of my jobs without this app. And as for the privacy hand wringers….HELLO, this is Facebook. Your personal data is their business model. I run FB ads, the level of detail available in targeting them is staggering. Bottom line – Messenger is no worse than plain vanilla FB and in some ways a whole lot better!


6 – Evernote

I tried using Evernote in a way similar to AwesomeNote but the added calendar feature in AN swung the final vote that way. Now I use Evernote to save snippets from the web that I don’t Pin or Pocket, and work on text files. Anything I copy and paste frequently (like this answer to the frequently asked “Why did you become a coach?” question) goes there, and it’s where I build blog posts that I don’t write off the cuff.


7 – Pinterest & Pocket

Yes, Pinterest can be a huge time suck. But it’s still my go to for tutorials, checklists, recipes, and activities to try with PJ. Pocket is a tool I use to research new blogs, and to save articles with useful information. It’s kind of like a traveling bookmark of everything I’m researching on the web.



Bonus: Siri

I’m not really sure whether Siri is technically an “app” but I do love her! I think I say “Siri, remind me to…” at least ten times a day. And all those reminders get sent straight to my AwesomeNote list. Pretty cool!


What apps do you use to make life easier?

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