Simple Saturday Pleasures

Today, we will…

– Snuggle and watch cartoons
– Drink lots of coffee (Mommy & Daddy, not PJ)
– Give the boogie sucking bulb thingie a workout (PJ, not Mommy & Daddy)
– Stop by the farmers’ market to pick up our pictures from fall fest and delicious produce
– Bake cookies
– Have lots of hugs and kisses


Dear PJ: Your Guardian Angel

Dear PJ,

Last year, on a beautiful October day just like this one, your Great Grandpa Skip took a trip to heaven. He was very sick, and we were glad that he wasn’t in any more pain, but we sure do miss him.

As you grow up, Mommy will tell you lots of stories about Grandpa Skip and how much I loved him. I’ll tell you about all the summer kids’ trips that we went on where your very brave great grandparents took five little kids and one camper and hit the road! We rode four wheelers, and toured museums, and dressed in silly outfits, and had so much fun every year. I’ll teach you how to play Skip Bo, and lots of ways to play poker, and I’ll laugh when you make that stubborn face that you inherited from Grandpa!

He would have been so excited to get to hold you and play with you and your cousins, but it didn’t work out that way. It’s ok to be a little sad about that. Mommy is too, but whenever I am I remember that he has a big job to do – being your guardian angel, and Hope’s, and Jaxson’s, and whatever little cousins come along next.

In fact, the very first night Daddy and I put you in your crib when you came home from the hospital, we both saw a white mist come to take a peek! And while you were teeny tiny, you slept in this special snuggler that Nana made from Grandpa’s shirt. Mommy saved it for when you’re big enough to love it again.


You’re part of a very special family, kiddo. We laugh a lot, cry when we need to, get mad at each other and say we’re sorry, and most of all – we love each other very much.


Baby Babble

Is it weird that I look forward to conversations with my four month old? It’s seriously one of the highlights of my day, his very favorite way to play together is to sit where he can see me and tell me stories.

Right after he wakes up, he tells me about his dreams. Sometimes he’s giggly about them, and sometimes he’s downright indignant. My favorite are the sad stories because he tells them so pitifully, like this:


And that makes me laugh, which makes him laugh!

When he isn’t talking to me, he talks to his toys. His favorite is his Michael doll from his Peter Pan collection – they totally have this baby with a bear bonding thing going on! So for his first “real” photo shoot, I just gave him toys to play with and talk to and snapped away! Here are some of my favorites!


Love the drool here 🙂


Is anybody watching me? I think I’m gonna bite Tink, nobody will mind, right?


Did I say that? Nooo, I’m a good baby!

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm…

– A local business that has gone to the trouble and expense to take out a digital billboard…and put up an all-text ad written in Comic Sans.

– Those “Must Be The Honey” and “Won’t Touch This” breakfast commercials, which to me might as well say “Oh hi, you’re old now, but think about when you were cool and buy our crap for your kids.”

– That I could get fined for taking PJ to see the deer in Valley Forge because Congress is more immature than my four month old.

– The Kardashians. I just don’t get it.

– How many people use the phrase “Your an idiot” without the slightest trace of embarrassment.

That’s just a few of mine, leave yours in the comments and we’ll have a good laugh about it!

Happy Anniversary!


At this very minute, two years ago, I was waiting for my cue to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend. It’s been two years of getting used to the whole “grown up married” thing, lots of laughs, and just enough tears to grow on. I wouldn’t trade a single minute, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming down the road for us.

Hugs and kisses, happy anniversary honey 🙂

The Mostly Dead Art of Critical Thinking


People who know me outside the blogosphere know that I have strong opinions on a lot of subjects that are hotly debated in our political system. I hesitate to express any of them here, not because I’m not confident about establishing and defending my positions, but because I don’t want this little record of my baby’s growing up to get sidetracked with the pettiness that has taken over our public discussion.

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