NaLoMyMiMo – Challenge Declined

November is awesome. It’s my birthday month and home to my favorite holiday – step off, Christmas, let the turkey have his day! I am looking forward to baking and apple cider and time with my family. I’ve also been challenged to observe the following:

– Lung Cancer Awareness Month
– National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
– A Post A Day For 30 Days
– 30 Days of Thankfulness
– Fit to Feast Fitness Challenge
– National Knit Sweater Month (NaKniSweMo)
– Photo A Day Challenge

And don’t forget this is prime Christmas crafting time. These all sound awesome! I want to write, and snap, and work out, and knit, and be thankful for our blessings and mindful of others’ struggles. And I probably will dabble in all of these in November.

But here’s the thing – if I try them all, it’ll be National Lose My Mind Month for sure. I will end up cowering in the corner, rocking back and forth mumbling “Craft! No, write! Wait, wait, take the camera and walk. Or I could write a post about how thankful I am, and knit between paragraphs.”

So best of luck to all you brave souls. I will raise a family toast in your honor – “To the Challengers!” “THE CHALLENGERS!”


Pumpkin Fun!

My grandpa Skip had a really awesome custom bar in his basement – real wood, and the top had all kinds of stickers and other memorabilia from all the races that he went to. Here is just a small part of it:


He was also known for mixing up a WICKED whiskey sour! Just one could knock you for a pretty good loop. When my grandparents remodeled a few years ago, when Grandpa wasn’t able to spend as much time in his man cave (which he had for years before anyone ever used that term), he gave the bar to my brother Kyle.

Last year, after Grandpa’s funeral, my parents, brothers, sister-in-law, husband, and I decided to have a whiskey sour pumpkin carving party at the bar. We had a lot of fun, and Kyle did a damn good job replicating those crazy whiskey sours!


Last night, we had our second annual pumpkin party at the bar. PJ was a trooper, he was fascinated by the whole process. We went with spiced wine instead of whiskey sours this year, which meant less loopiness but better carvings! Here’s our group shot:


And the lit pumpkins in the dark:


That’s a storm trooper, Tinkerbell, a semi-traditional jack-o-lantern, and Captain Hook. Yay for family traditions, pumpkins, and fall!

The Neverland Nursery

PJ’s Nursery

Much like how it happened in real life, there’s been so much going on with PJ’s NICU story on the blog that I haven’t had a chance to put together a post about his nursery. Our to-do list for Memorial Day weekend was “pack hospital bag” and “finish the nursery.” Yeah, thanks to Mr. Early Arrival, neither one happened! We made do without an actual hospital bag, and got his nursery “finished enough” by the time he came home. It’s much closer to done now, and I’m excited to share it with you!
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