Stock the Freezer Sunday

The baby was pretty clingy this weekend, to the point that we almost cancelled our anniversary date on Saturday night. Luckily, like most little ones, he screamed while we dropped him off, but before we even got out of the car at the restaurant I got this:


Yes, that’s Wilfred – Uncle Caleb was home for the weekend from college, and testing out his Halloween costume on a dare from Uncle Kyle.

By Sunday, baby was much happier, and I was able to stock the freezer with:

– Apples, pears, yellow squash, and sweet potatoes for PJ

– Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (really simple: throw the broccoli into the pasta pot as soon as the water boils. When it comes back to the boil, add the pasta and cook for the package time. Strain it all together, then add cooked chicken and a jar of alfredo sauce and stir).

– Chicken Enchiladas – I actually used a Kraft Recipe Starter kit for these, all I had to do was brown chicken, add sauces, and roll up tortillas. Easy peasy!

– Mac ‘n Cheeseburger – another easy one. Make a box of mac n cheese. Brown up ground beef (1 lb per box of mac n cheese made) with some onions, garlic, salt & pepper. Add 8 oz tomato sauce per pound of beef, and one can of diced tomatoes to the mac n cheese. Serve beef over mac n cheese. Yum!

I made big batches of everything and got 3-4 pans of each recipe so that should last us awhile!

Freezer Meal: Breakfast Burritos

I work long shifts four days a week so that I can be home with baby PJ an extra day. It’s been working out great, but making it work does require some extra planning and adjusting. I’ve shared the menu planner that I use, and my basic technique for making and freezing casseroles. And as promised, I’ll share some of the recipes that work well for us.

For this one, you’ll need:
– 6 whole eggs
– 8-10 egg whites
– An 8 oz block of cheese
– Ham, sausage, bacon, or turkey
– Spinach or peppers
– Salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you like
– Package of flour tortillas

To make:

Brown any meat you are using and set aside. Scramble eggs, egg whites, and seasoning until soft set. Add the browned meat and any veggies and continue scrambling.


Place one of the flour tortillas on a griddle pan over the lowest possible heat. Add slices of cheese:


Then add the egg and meat mixture (or top with sliced meat):


Then you roll it up like a burrito – which I did not take a picture of because mine are always functional but ugly haha.

Once the wrapped burritos are cooled down, wrap them in a layer of saran wrap, then a layer of freezer foil.

Paul and I take them straight from the freezer (unwrapped) to the microwave for two minutes. And I vary the meat and vegetables every time I make a batch.

Enjoy, and let me know what combos you come up with!

How To: Custom Menu Planner

Even before PJ came along, meal planning was really difficult for us. Paul and I both work in the HVAC industry, which is ruled by the weather. The length of his day has wild swings from getting home in the early afternoon to late in the evening. And mine is ruled by traffic, which varies from annoying to tear your hair out awful. So even when I had it together enough to have a meal plan (not as often as I would like), we would end up throwing it out the window. And then what’s the point?
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How To: Make Ahead Freezer Meals

In the weeks before I went back to work, I started filling up my freezer so that I wouldn’t need to waste any valuable snuggle time cooking in the evenings. It worked great, and we just finished up the last tray this week. I’m working on my grocery list for next weekend to make another few batches. I’ll post some of my favorite recipes as I make them, and today I’ll fill you in on my technique.
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