Harry Potter and the Island of Sodor

PJ is knee deep in the obligatory toddler boy obsession with Thomas and Friends. My house is full of trains, shoes, books, clothes, and pillows plastered with Thomas’ face. And the movies – ohhhhhh, the endless plays of the movies!

And after the approximately fifty millionth time I had to sing the Thomas song, while also re-reading Order of the Phoenix and trying to tune out the workaholic Sir Topham Hatt, it occurred to me that James really IS vain but lots of fun. And then, well, THIS happened…


They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight 

Casting spells, annoying Snape

Dumbledore’s Army

Triwizards too

They’re the really useful crew

All with different roles to play

On Hogwarts grounds or far away

In the Forest, at the end

Haaaaarry and his friends!

Hope you liked this, writing it definitely gave me a laugh!

A Bedtime Duet…

Voice 1, (an out of practice Alto I):

Jesus loves me, this I know

Voice 2, (a warbling, baby soprano):


V1: For the Bible tells me so

V2: Bi-ble soooooooooo

V1: Little ones to him belong

V2: Cheese! Cheese!

V1: They are weak but he is strong

V2 (silent and grinning in anticipation)

V1: Yes, Jesus loves me

V2: Awwwwwee! Awwwww! (Ferocious hugging)

V1: Yes, Jesus loves me

V2: Awwwwwe cheese! (Enthusiastic kissing)

V1 (slight pause to wipe face): Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so

V2: Bible sooooooooo. Cheese.

Thank you, thank you…we’ll be here all week!

PJ’s Diary: Guess Who I Saw On A Train?

Boy, we spent a lot of time in the car lately!


Today, Mommy & Daddy & Aunt Judy & me went to a place in the mountains where there were TRAINS! We stood in a long line to look at them oh boy!


I thought we would go home then, but we went to a restaurant instead – fishes taste better when you eat them out of a dump truck, don’t you think?


After lunch, we went back to look at the trains again. But this time, they let us go inside!


I gave my ticket to a nice lady…


And then THIS guy showed up! I KNOW HIM!!!


I liked to watch the trees go by, and the water, and the rocks.


Then I got a little sleepy.


::yawn:: Trains are fun, but naps are better!

PJ’s Diary: Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh boy, I love Thanksgiving! My mommy and daddy taked me for a long ride in the car. I tried to sing my favorite “Up! Down!” song the whole way there,


but I sang myself right to sleep instead. When we got there, you’ll never guess who was there…NANA AND POP-POP! I was soooo excited to see them! And they had FOOD to share with me, oh boy!


This turkey stuff is…texture-y. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Oooooh, rolls! I show you what to do with them, Mommy!


My PopPop got a funny present – it’s a hat that sings!


He let me wear it, but I said “Noooooo thank you! Keep it over there!”


Mommy was mean and didn’t let me have none of her grown up grape juice, but Nana gived me all the apple juice I wanted. So THERE, mama!


Then we took another loooong car ride. This time, I didn’t feel like sleeping much, so I made Mommy play me all my favorite songs over and over (and over and over until Daddy said “No more!”)





When we got out of the car, we saw my Grandmom and my Grandpop’s! It was Grandpop’s birthday, but all I know how to sing is “Up! Down! Up!” so I sang him that and showed Mommy how to use a spoon. None of this one handed stuff, it’s only fun if you get real real messy!


Then we had to go home and go to bed. I stayed up real late talking to Bunny, and Michael, and Stinky. There was so much to tell them, I hope we have another Thanksgiving real soon!

PJ’s Diary: My Rather Extensive Vocabulary

I really like to tease my mommy! I fake sneezes so she will say “Bless you, PJ!” and I like to crawl away real fast and hide when she’s not looking.


I wonder how she always finds me so fast?

But my favorite way to tease Mommy is the “new word game” – I learned alllll these words before I let her know I can say “Mommy!”

Uh oh
Daddy (that’s my favorite!)
Doggie (also pronounced “Kitty”)
Frog (also pronounced “Kitty”)
Wow wow wow!
Bye bye

I did it!

Buuuuuuut….Now I had enough fun teasing Mommy, so I gived her a big kiss tonight and said “Mommy.” And then I fake sneezed on her and laughed and laughed!


Ooooh look! Fishie! I love you, Mommy!

PJ’s Diary: My Mom Is So Weird

I’ve been wondering for awhile now what happens after me and Bunny falls asleep. I used to think that everything stops until I wake up again, but now I’m not so sure.


I spend hours and hours creating a high quality mess, and then it gets cleaned up while I sleep – it’s almost like Mommy & Daddy are still awake and doing things without me, but that can’t be right, can it? I mean, without me around to play with they just shut off like my fishie lamp, right?

So the other morning I decided I needed to get up early and investigate. I roared like a dinosaur to let my mommy know it was time for her to get up too, and let me tell you she took her sweet old time coming to rescue me from my crib! But she showed up eventually and we had a nice snuggle and a bottle.

Then she tried to tell me to play with my toys, and moved my Lego table across the room. I got a funny feeling that she’s done this before, she knew just where to put it to leave a big space on the rug. Then she pulled out this fun runway that she’s apparently been hiding from me. She said “OK, PJ, be a good boy and play so Mommy can do some PiYo.” But all I wanted to play was “crawl back and forth on the runway” – it’s fun, you should try it sometime!


I wasn’t done crawling yet, but Mommy scooped me up and popped me in my bouncer! I was mad for a minute, but then she put my buddy Mickey on and we were totally cool. I made her use the little TV to do her exercise, Mickey just can’t be squished like that Chalene lady can!


Mommy was doing some pretty weird stuff while I was watching Mickey, but she seemed like she was having fun so I just let it slide. But afterwards, she made a yummy shake and wouldn’t share any of it with me, can you believe that?


I think my mom is pretty cool just the way she is – nice and soft and squishy to hug, just the way I like her! But if she wants to keep doing these weird PiYo things and get real strong so we can run and play, that’s OK with me I guess. And maybe I’ll give it a try, I think I can do this Crouching Crow thing –


Oooops, falled over!

PJ’s Diary: Going to the Zoo!

I woke up with my cranky pants on this morning. I didn’t want my breakfast, or my toys, or even my juice. Mommy said I better change into my happy pants real quick so we can go to the zoo with Sammy, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!


Maybe she forgot to wash them?

I got it together anyway though, and we went on a ride to the zoo! I was so excited to see my buddy Sammy and his Mommy Nikki!


We met birds that flew right by my ear and made me laugh, and I helped give a giraffe his lunch!


I tasted it first, it wasn’t very good. It’s the kind of thing I usually feed my mommy, but it seemed like the giraffe liked it. My new friend Reuben helped Louis the giraffe eat lots of salad!


Then I met an iguana!  Ohhhhh boy! I thought he was going to eat my little piggies but Mommy said he couldn’t come through the glass. He had some silly monkey friends that made faces at me too!


I liked the turtles, but Mommy said I couldn’t keep them. Booo!


Sammy and I had a little chat while Reuben played on the big kids playground. We weren’t even a little bit sleepy, but our Mommies said it was time to go home.


I don’t really know what happened after that. I just rested my eyes for a second, and next thing you know I’m in my crib with Bunny and Michael and Stinky. It was the weirdest thing!

I hope we go back to the zoo soon!