Can’t I Just Have A Home Birth In A Hospital?

I would imagine this is pretty common for first-time moms, but one of the worst parts of being pregnant for me was being terrified of what it would be like to go through labor and delivery. About a week after I found out PJ was coming, a colleague’s wife gave birth to an 11 lb 8 oz baby. Yes, you read that right. He was the cutest little toddler I’ve ever seen all swaddled up, but there was some serious hyperventilating “Oh my God, what have I gotten into here!” on my part when I got that announcement. Every time I freaked out like this, I reminded myself that I had already told my doctors to put it in big red letters on my chart “YES TO DRUGS” and that they were talking up this shiny new hospital where I would be tortured with all the comforts of room service and on-demand entertainment (and drugs. Did I mention the drugs?) So, I scheduled myself and Paul a tour of this high-tech torture chamber at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.

I won’t dwell on the facilities, which are beautiful, because as it turned out I never got to try a single one of them. I thought I hit the peak of crazy when Organifreak joined our tour group (oh silly, silly pregnant lady).
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