Decisions, Decisions

I absolutely love watching PJ waking up to the idea that he can participate in the world. He’s finding new ways to move his little body, experimenting with new sounds, and wanting to be involved with everything! My favorite thing is that when we read stories now, he snuggles right up to lay his cheek on my cheek and look at the pictures with me.

The other awesome thing is this:


We’ve moved most of his toys to his very own shelf, and now he gets to decide what to play with for himself! My mom discovered this, she carried him over the other day and he just started reaching for his favorite things, so now it’s a new fun game for baby.

He takes decision making very seriously, too. I hold him up, and he sticks his fingers in his mouth and chews on them, and studies everything on the shelf. I can tell when he’s decided because he gets this big grin on his face and sure enough, about a second later he starts reaching out. Then I hand whatever it is to him, he gets the biggest smile and giggles, and then…he bites whatever it is.

We’ll be working on those good friend/naughty friend decisions a little later on.