PJ’s Diary: Declaring Independence

Listen, Mommy, we needs to talk. I’m getting all growed up now, and I think it’s time for me to move out. Thanks for teaching me everything I need to know!

I can feed myself now…


And brush my teeth…


I’m getting real good at crawling, when the cabinets don’t jump out and bite me. I even gots my own house to come home to after parties!


I can work like you…


And I even know how to turn on my fishie lamp!


So I guess that’s everything, right? Thanks for all the yummy snacks…


Except the eggs, I didn’t like those at all! I’ll be back for the stories…


But I think I’m ready to take on the world!


Just one thing before I hit the road…do you think you could be a pal and change this diaper?

The Mom Workout Plan


– Spot baby toes disappearing behind recliner that is blocking a tasty collection of electrical cords.

– Sprint across living room.

– Scoop up giggling, wriggling 16 lb weight.

– Dance around like a crazy person to distract wriggling 16 lb weight from thwarted suicide mission.

– Squat to deposit culprit in his favorite play spot.

– Repeat squats at least 10 times as play spot is not exactly right and needs adjusted until it’s exactly the way it was the first time.

– Tiptoe across living room back to what you were doing earlier.

– Listen carefully…

Yup, time to start over.