Little Nugget of Happy

There are so many things I’m looking forward to sharing with PJ as he grows up – it’s actually kind of overwhelming when I think about all his firsts that are coming down the road! One of my firsts that I’m excited about sharing with him is this:


I love this movie. It’s the first movie I clearly remember going to see in a movie theater, and I was SO excited about it. I loved every second! And then it became a staple on the summer “kids trips” (more about them another day). I know every single word of dialogue and song – no lie, I once recited the entire thing on a dare. This movie, and The Princess Bride, are my childhood on film.

And it came in the mail yesterday, through the Disney Movie Club! I was terribly tempted to stay up late and watch it, but alas, this is PJ’s childhood and not mine – and I can’t even use the excuse that it will be a special memory for him yet. So we did the boring, responsible thing and got baths and went to bed on time.

But Ariel, Eric, Sebastion, Flounder, and the rest – we have a date this Friday if I need to nail your fins to the floor!