How I Became Your Mother (the early hours)

At 1:30 am, I am not the brightest crayon in the box, but luckily I remembered that the list of instructions my doctor had given me included “Call us IMMEDIATELY if you notice a gush or large amount of fluid,” so I called the emergency number expecting to hear “Thanks for letting us know, congratulations you’re now incontinent, welcome to the third trimester.” Instead, a doctor I’d never heard of (remember that shared on-call mess I was so worried about? Yup, that’s exactly what happened) told me “Yeah, your water probably broke. Time to head to the hospital. But we’re really busy here tonight, so if you can find another hospital, that would be better.” Continue reading

Can’t I Just Have A Home Birth In A Hospital?

I would imagine this is pretty common for first-time moms, but one of the worst parts of being pregnant for me was being terrified of what it would be like to go through labor and delivery. About a week after I found out PJ was coming, a colleague’s wife gave birth to an 11 lb 8 oz baby. Yes, you read that right. He was the cutest little toddler I’ve ever seen all swaddled up, but there was some serious hyperventilating “Oh my God, what have I gotten into here!” on my part when I got that announcement. Every time I freaked out like this, I reminded myself that I had already told my doctors to put it in big red letters on my chart “YES TO DRUGS” and that they were talking up this shiny new hospital where I would be tortured with all the comforts of room service and on-demand entertainment (and drugs. Did I mention the drugs?) So, I scheduled myself and Paul a tour of this high-tech torture chamber at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.

I won’t dwell on the facilities, which are beautiful, because as it turned out I never got to try a single one of them. I thought I hit the peak of crazy when Organifreak joined our tour group (oh silly, silly pregnant lady).
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