How Quickly We Forget

PJ is definitely teething, as I’ve mentioned. And suddenly my happy little guy is not so happy. Yesterday, our PJ & Mommy day was a few laughs, some extra cuddles, and a whole lot of tears.

The only thing that made him feel better was nursing. Half the time he wasn’t even hungry, but just didn’t want to settle for anything else. And at one point, I actually got frustrated and thought “Isn’t there anything else you want to do?!”

Then I realized it was not that long ago that it felt like he would never want to nurse even to eat, let alone be comforted by it. All those tears (from both of us!) and trying and days of being sore and wondering if he would ever learn or if I would be stuck pumping forever were just a couple of short months ago. And now nursing is PJ’s favorite thing, the one thing that makes him feel better in his first experience since the NICU finding out that life can be tough. So I silently apologized for wanting him to not want this, and gently moved him to the other side to give half of me a break.

Feel better soon little guy, and thanks for reminding Mommy what’s really important.

PJ’s Diary: Nom Nom Nom

This weekend, Mommy & Daddy gived me cereal to eat – with a SPOON!


At first I was all “Whhhaaaaaat?”


Then I thought “Yuuuummm!”


Do you know how good cereal is? It’s so good I just had to lick it off my bib between bites!


But then Mommy putted me in my high chair and I said “No way Mommy! This thing is a car seat in disguise!” (I did stop yelling to take my bites though – did I mention I love cereal?)


And then I thought about it some more and figured anywhere I sits to gets fed is ok by me!


Nom nom nom, is it dinnertime again soon?


To cover or not to cover, that is the question

I’ve joined a couple of parenting groups on Facebook – some for the funny or sweet pictures, some for the information. They all have one thing in common so far – big fights over the “right” way to breastfeed. The conversation on any given breastfeeding image usually goes like this:


Normal Nancy: Awww, cute! Whether or not I would ever take a picture of this, it’s a sweet moment between a mom and a baby.
Trolling Taylor: Women only whip them out like this because they’re begging for attention. Does this mean I can whip my private parts out? They’re natural too!
Disapproving Debbie: Ewww…stay at home if you must do something like that. And that kid is too old to nurse anyway!
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Give A Baby A Yub

Once PJ came home, my new mission was to teach him how to breastfeed. I was thrilled that I was able to supply enough to feed him, and I didn’t want to let it go to waste. I saw how hard some of the other NICU moms worked trying to pump and not getting anywhere, so I never took this for granted. And while he was in the NICU, it was a pain but not that big of a deal to drop everything and pump every three hours.

When he came home, it was a whole different ballgame.
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Give A Baby A Fish (Or A Feeding Tube)

Teaching PJ to eat has been by far the most difficult part of our journey so far, and it’s a big factor in my decision to start this blog. I was lucky enough to have Kym to help me figure it out, but when the inevitable middle of the night question came up, who do I turn to but Dr. Internet? Which made me even more grateful for Kym because, as it turns out, there are next to no resources that deal with teaching a NICU baby how to breastfeed. I am certainly not an expert, but I hope that sharing our experience helps someone else on a 3 am info hunt!
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