Babies: Puppies in Disguise?

Over the past few months, my friend Danielle and I have been doing some incredibly unscientific research about the similarities between babies and puppies. We’re still racking them up, but here are our stupendously non-academic findings for your consideration.

First, if you are attempting to raise either a baby or a puppy, you should be prepared to wipe up buckets of drool. And poop. The drool stops sooner with babies, and the poop (mostly) stops sooner with a properly housetrained puppy. However, be warned that sneezes in your face will be wet, slobbery, and frequent for longer than you care to imagine. Honestly, there will not be a shortage of disgusting substances from either one for as long as you have them. And you will be left with many tiny teeth marks as souvenirs of their passage through your home.

Second, the training of both babies and puppies will involve a lot of bribery. Guiding them to proper behavior with love is a fabulous theory, but keep treats in your pockets just in case your little bundle doesn’t stick with the program. Shiny and/or noisy objects work wonders, and so does food. Did you know that they make Kong-type things for babies too? A little peanut butter in the puppy Kong or a frozen cube of applesauce in the baby version, and you’ve got yourself a little peace and quiet, Mama.


Third, they both speak alien languages but are really good at letting you know what they want. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and find yourself translating unintelligible noises to friends like this: “Oh that? He wants to go outside and play with his teddy bear under the tree by fence.” And the kisses – oh, the kisses! Wet, slobbery, entirely disgusting if anyone else tried it, but completely adorable when given by baby or puppy. Last but not least, never underestimate the therapeutic benefits of a good belly rub. Your baby or your puppy will be putty in your hands (and might just take a good, long nap!)

No wonder babies and puppies make great best friends! If we missed any glaring similarities that you can think of, let me know in the comments!

Here Come The Teeth

Chewing on everything? Check.

Happy to cranky in no time flat? Check.

Buckets of drool daily? Check.

Sudden allergy to bedtime? Check.


The teeth are coming. God save us all.


Arrrr…PJ the Pirate chomp your fingers Aunt Jenna!

Four Months Already?

Last weekend, I got an awesome package in the mail from my friend Andrea, who is also a preemie mom. She put together a CD for her little guy’s first birthday and sent it to me because she thought I would especially love the first song – and I did! I can’t believe that PJ is four months old now, and how far he’s already come from that tiny little guy in the NICU all hooked up to wires and tubes! So let’s celebrate little man today, and take a listen to the song Andrea picked out just for these mighty little guys: 

Yeah, that’s my dog! Na na na na na na (catchy, isn’t it?)

To cover or not to cover, that is the question

I’ve joined a couple of parenting groups on Facebook – some for the funny or sweet pictures, some for the information. They all have one thing in common so far – big fights over the “right” way to breastfeed. The conversation on any given breastfeeding image usually goes like this:


Normal Nancy: Awww, cute! Whether or not I would ever take a picture of this, it’s a sweet moment between a mom and a baby.
Trolling Taylor: Women only whip them out like this because they’re begging for attention. Does this mean I can whip my private parts out? They’re natural too!
Disapproving Debbie: Ewww…stay at home if you must do something like that. And that kid is too old to nurse anyway!
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Give A Baby A Fish (Or A Feeding Tube)

Teaching PJ to eat has been by far the most difficult part of our journey so far, and it’s a big factor in my decision to start this blog. I was lucky enough to have Kym to help me figure it out, but when the inevitable middle of the night question came up, who do I turn to but Dr. Internet? Which made me even more grateful for Kym because, as it turns out, there are next to no resources that deal with teaching a NICU baby how to breastfeed. I am certainly not an expert, but I hope that sharing our experience helps someone else on a 3 am info hunt!
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