How I Became Your Mother – Go Time!

20130903-123539.jpgI think the best way to take you through the rest of the morning when PJ was born is to do it in an approximate timeline.

7:00 am: Arrived at Lehigh Valley, moved into triage bed in Labor & Delivery because all actual rooms were occupied.

7:15 am: Started giving the nurse as much of my prenatal history as I could remember, because they had no charts for me and my doctor’s office was still closed. Continue reading

How I Became Your Mother (the early hours)

At 1:30 am, I am not the brightest crayon in the box, but luckily I remembered that the list of instructions my doctor had given me included “Call us IMMEDIATELY if you notice a gush or large amount of fluid,” so I called the emergency number expecting to hear “Thanks for letting us know, congratulations you’re now incontinent, welcome to the third trimester.” Instead, a doctor I’d never heard of (remember that shared on-call mess I was so worried about? Yup, that’s exactly what happened) told me “Yeah, your water probably broke. Time to head to the hospital. But we’re really busy here tonight, so if you can find another hospital, that would be better.” Continue reading

What the heck happened?!

The question I have heard the most often since becoming a mom in May is “What the heck happened?!” (in various uncensored forms). Not surprising, since I wasn’t supposed to become a mom until July 16th, and that I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. Checkups were great – in fact, I had one less than 24 hours before he was born and there were no indicators that baby boy was about to make an appearance.

The short answer is, we don’t know what happened. No tests came back with answers, there were no “ah ha!” moments of realization that I or the doctor had missed something, it was just listed on both my and PJ’s charts as “spontaneous precipitous delivery” (more on that precipitous part later!) and earned me a spot on the high-risk list if we ever have another baby.

If you know me well, it won’t be a surprise that I will also give you the long answer – which includes how we ended up at the “wrong” hospital, how I went from calling out sick for a day to calling out on maternity leave for the summer in less than an hour, and how this tiny little man showed us over and over again that he was going to play by his own rules!

I’ll start the long story tomorrow, and be prepared, because it kicks off with one of the scariest people I’ve ever met – Organifreak (da da duhhhh…)


Maternity photo by: M2 Photography

Another day, another blog…

You may be wondering (because I’ve asked myself this already), why on earth I would take on writing another blog with a new baby, when I’m about to return to work in a week? Am I crazy? Maybe a little, and I’m a writer, which in a lot of ways is the same thing! I’ve thought about it, and what finally made up my mind was this:


That’s the look of amazement on my tiny baby’s face the first time he saw leaves blowing in the wind. And I realized how many adventures we have in front of us, and that I don’t want to forget what it’s like to see the world through those little eyes. So I’ve started writing things down for me, and for him someday, and decided that I will share some of them with you too.

Another reason I’m going to tell our story is that while PJ was in the NICU, I received a lot of support from other parents who have been there, and I would like to pay it forward and put our story out there for people who are going through it and maybe don’t have the support network that we did. I received an email this weekend from a work contact who was apologizing for not answering a question that quite frankly I’d forgotten I’d ever asked! He told me that his daughter spent the summer in the NICU at a different hospital, and we ended up swapping stories and pictures of our itty bitty miracles. There are so many of us out there, it just feels right to give our story its own online home.

So welcome to it, I hope you’ll stay awhile!